Assembly of First Nations Resolution


December 9, 10 & 11,2014, WINNIPEG, MB Resolution no. 4612014

TITLE: Support for Rescinding the Papal Bulls of Discovery
SUBJECT: Reconciliation
MOVED BY: Chief Shane Gottfriedson, Kamloops Indian Band, BC
SECONDED BY: Bernd Christmas, Proxy, Indian lsland First Nation, NB
DECISION Carried bv Consensus



A. First Nations people and their descendants have suffered the effects of colonization by successive governments since before Canada was established based on a false doctrine of discovery – a doctrine which must be rescinded in order for healing and understanding between First Nations and Canada to truly begin.

THEREFORE BE lT RESOLVED that the Chiefs-in-Assembly:

1. Resolve to endorse, to support and to encourage the participation of its peoples in the Long March to Rome, a pilgrimage of Indigenous peoples worldwide to present a petition to Pope Francis l, seeking revocation of the two papal bulls Romanus Pontifex (1455)and Inter Caetera (1493), otherwise known as the Papal Bulls of

Discovery, for the following reasons:

  • a. They were the “blueprint” for conquest of the New World.
  • b, They provided moral justification for the enslavement and conquest of Indigenous peoples worldwide.
  • c. They are an ongoing violation of contemporary international human rights law.
  • d, Other communities currently struggling to save their lands are threatened by modern-day ideologies of
    inequality anchored in the Papal Bulls of Discovery.

Certified copy of a resolution adopted on the 11th day of December 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba PERRY BELLEGARDE, NATIONAL CHIEF

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